Saturday, June 6, 2009

No More

When you left
you shattered my heart
stomped on my feelings;
it tore me apart
Why did you leave
after all of this time?
Will you come back?
Will you be mine?
When you left
I cried and cried
You said you loved me;
I guess it must've died
After four months
I talked to you
You broke down in tears
Oh, boo-hoo
You deserve more than a slap
for the pain you've caused
I don't wanna hear anymore
Just go; get lost
You call to check in
every now and then
but you need not worry
Don't waste your quarter again
As you can see,
I'm perfectly fine
you don't need to waste anything
especially your time
Why you left,
I still don't understand
Don't come near me
I can't touch your hand
You've torn me apart;
you just can't repay
Good-bye is the last thing
I have to say

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